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Earn £5 for every succesful referral. 

Once you've purchased your book, a discount code is automatically created in your name followed by 10. For example, if your name is David Beckham your code would be: DAVIDBECKHAM10

Simply let all your friends, family, the world! know about this code and they will receive a 10% discount off thier purchase and you will recieve a £5 Amazon voucher. It's a brilliant easy way to earn. As an example, if you share this with your friends on Facebook and 5 people buy a book using your unqiue code we will send you £25 in vouchers. It's that simple.


The details.

It's really as simple as above. Your code is automatically created using the first name and surname you have entered on your order. We then check on the first week of each month how many books have been purchased using your code. Your vouchers are posted to your address on your original order. There's no time limit, whether it's next month or next year if someone uses your code you earn. Apart from sharing your code you don't need to do anything else. We email you at the beginning of the month if someone has used your code to purchase and confirmation that your vouchers are being sent.


Tips to share and earn.

We have many customers who have kindly recommended our books to others and have earnt £100's. A great way to share is by posting some pictures of your book on your Facebook page with your code and our website details You can share by whatsapp groups, messaging and any other way you choose.